Saturday, April 20, 2013


When we were at Norbergfestival this summer we got the opportunity to interview some artists. The following interview was broadcast on Episode 38(?) which unfortunately was lost due to the radio station's recording computer being FUBAR.

BRRRAP!: BRRRAP! is at the Norbergfestival with STAZMA THE JUNGLECHRIST, you just finished a quite short, but really awesome set!

STAZMA: Thank you. That was cool!

B: So how are you enjoying the festival so far? Have you seen any other acts?

S: Yeah, the festival was really great, I've been here since yesterday and saw a lot of really good music. I'm a BIG acid fan, so I was really in paradise there! This was a really, really nice festival, clearly.

B: So, the one thing we've been wondering about since we heard you the first time, how did you come up with the name 'Stazma the Junglechrist'?

S: No, no, please don't ask me that question! Well, the 'Stazma' part is really not funny at all, because when I started making music, I subscribed to a forum for people making music on the same software. I had to choose a name for the website, and I was listening to Puppetmastaz, you know, the German hip hop band, with puppets - you don't know that?

B: No...

S: You have to check it out, it's fucking great. It's a band called Puppetmastaz. At the moment, five years ago, I had fucking NO idea that I would be making music 'for real'. So, I was like, 'I have to pick a name', listening to Puppetmastaz, 'Mastaz... OK. Whatever. I don't care'. But after, when I started to really make music, to have gigs and stuff like that, I was thinking, Mastaz is a fucking horrible name, I have find something else, but if I change it completely, nobody will recognize me, so I just inverted it - made it Stazma!
The 'junglechrist' comes from, five years ago I had really long hair, so everybody called me 'Jesus' because of the beard, and the long hair and stuff like that. One of my friends, when I was making a jungle DJ set, called me 'the junglechrist'. So it becomes STAZMA THE JUNGLECHRIST! Sorry, this was really not a funny story...

B: It's very interesting! So, it seems to us, in Sweden we have hardly have any scene at all when it comes to breakcore, but it seems like France has a bit more of a healthy scene, you have Peace Off, for example.

S: Yes, we have Peace Off. At least, we have Peace Off! In France, and I think everywhere in Europe, the breakcore scene was going down for a long time, and now, for me, it feels like it's going up again. There is way more people doing, not really breakcore parties, because an entire night of breakcore... even me, I don't like to go a night and listen only to breakcore. But there is way more people booking breakcore artists into, like, dubstep parties, or electro parties, you know, mix up the style.

In France, that's the cool stuff, because we have a lot of people doing parties, somebody will make dub, somebody will make dubstep, somebody will make acid stuff, somebody will make breakcore, and drum & bass, and jungle... you know, all this stuff. It makes a really fun party, with all kinds of music, and that's cool. In France we really have a nice electronic music scene in the 'wide' way.

B:You have a bit of unity in the scene?

S: No, you can't really talk about unity. But we have some labels and some people who are really into that. That's cool. Mainly there's Peace Off for breakcore, the big label in France, and there's Jarring Effects, I don't know if you've heard of them, it's like a big dub label, and they're making every kind of music. They're really fantastic, they can make a party that will start with a post-rock band, and then a dub band, someone will do hard electronic music, someone making breakcore, somebody doing dubstep, and everybody's like 'WOW, this is a real party, when you never have the same kind of music'. Each artist plays a really different kind of music.

Like there! Like in this festival. There's not only one kind of music. That's the cool thing about it. Everybody's happy, and that's cool!

B: Is there anything we should keep our eyes open for?

S: About me? I have a vinyl release coming out on Peace Off, in September or October... before 2013! And you should be looking for the new Ruby My Dear album, it's already been released. He played yesterday, and his new album is awesome. It's released on Ad Noiseam, and basically everybody should be aware of everything Ad Noiseam releases! My only advice is 'follow Peace Off and Ad Noiseam'. If you like hard electronic music of different kinds, like the fast way and the slow and bassy way, you have to follow both of them.

B: Alright, thanks for taking the time to talk to us!

S: No worries!


Friday, November 16, 2012


Oi! Maybe you've noticed that we haven't updated the blog for a while. I was just about to write something about the latest episodes, or redirect you to Mixcloud, and it hit me, finally, after almost two years, that most probably no one goes to this blog to check out our episodes. If you follow us on mixcloud or Soundcloud you'll see as soon as we post an episode, and we're a lot more active on Facebook and ("active" in a pretty liberal sense) Twitter.

There used to be a point, using the blog as a kind of "archive", so you (and we) could see what we'd played even after we had deleted the episode on Soundcloud, but now that we're using Mixcloud, where we can have as many episodes up as we want, it's pretty useless in that role aswell.

tl;dr: no more regular episode updates on the blog.

Thursday, June 7, 2012


It's getting hot, dresses are getting skimpy, and it's okay to drink beer in public again! IT'S SUMMERTIME, BABY!
Unfortunately, this means that there aren't a lot of BRRRAP! episodes left this season. Don't worry, though, we'll figure out cool shit to do in the summer, and in a couple of months, as soon as you've gotten sick of your (as of now awesome) rainbow-striped swim shorts, we'll be back to terrorize the æther once again.
In the summer we'll visit some awesome festivals aswell, such as Norberg!


01. DNAEBEATS - Octagon (Seclusiasis)
02. Doomtrooper - Burnout (Dubstar)
03. ARtroniks - Sometimes (Diamind)
04. SPiDERS - Spiders (Brainmath)
05. Dub Mechanics - The Clash (Deep Medi)
06. Getter - Berzerker (Prime Audio)
07. Kalbata - Skanker (Greenmoney)
08. Alk-E-D - Aye Aye (Kniteforce Again)
09. J. Robinson - Uptown (Tribe 12)
10. Mtwn - Come Again (Proximity)
11. Seba - Sharkskin (Nu Directions)
12. Break - Juice It (Eastside)

Friday, May 25, 2012


I found out a while ago that our stat tool for actually can tell which search phrase led people to visit us! It's actually quite strange how many people googling "drum and bass" will end up on our site, seeing as how that should be a fairly common search term (deep googling maybe). Some of these searches are less common:

is there a raido station for doubstep?
There is now!

buscar los mejores del dubstep

I asked someone who speaks spanish, and it apparently translates into "find the best of dubstep" or something. BRRRAP! is apparently ready to conquer the spanish-speaking world aswell!

jocker dub steps

We actually just played him :)

brab brab


ves2 bassdrum 011.wav

It's possible that we've played it... I guess?


Sorry,  no :(

Saturday, May 19, 2012


This pic is from the Valborg (Walpurgisnacht) celebrations in Lund, and on the stage is me (in the sombrero) and Miklos. These people look like they're having fun, right? Get your BRRRAP! fix and hook your homies up with some places to spin records!

Get in touch via e-mail (contact followed by or our facebook page.
By the way, only 11 likes left until we give someone an awesome t-shirt!.


33 1/3, get it?


No? Alright, no matter. Some super-fresh dubstep and bass-stuff, some super-old oldskool, and some drum & bass! "Omväxling förnöjer" (change is nice) is the slogan of one of Sweden's most popular candy brands.


1. +91 (KRISH N & SHOBHIT) - Morning Mantra
2. Joker - Skitta
3. KOMONAZMUK - No Soul (Hench)
4. Girl Unit - Ensemble (Club Mix) (Night Slugs)
5. DJ Q - Dibby Dibby Sound (Girls Music)
6. Rufige Kru - Terminator 2 (Reinforced)
7. Cybernetic Empire - Ozone Storm (Paradise)
8. Luna-C Bomb Da Bassline (Kniteforce Again)
9. Kenny Ken - Everyman (Digital Remix) (Mix & Blen')
10. Sappo - Babylon Boy (Babylon)
11. Candy - Logging In (Jungle Therapy)
12. Headphone Activist - Prometheus (Soundcloud)


Unfortunately ep 31 was not recorded, as it seems the radio recording system was a bit blunted and forgot to tape the two hours surrounding our show. When we get to it (end of school and shit) we'll try to recreate the episode as it had lots of fresh jams from people like Cruel Intent, Vicious and Nickynutz.

Anyway, a totes awesome episode here, featuring some dubs (from Itchy Robot and Trickykid), as well as some vinyl that had just arrived in my mailbox. Enjoy!


1. Itchy Robot & Skeeze - No Matter What (Soundcloud)
2. Truth - Skitzo (Boka)
3. Trickykid - Scetch (Soundcloud)
4. Cluekid - Cyberfunk (Aquatic Lab)
5. Cruel Intent - First Kill (Soundcloud)
6. Baobinga & ID - Gun Talk ft. Rider Shafique (Kahn Remix) (Build)
7. Kozzie - Yeah (Kozzie)
8. Random Hero - Come Selecta (Panic Project)
9. Wickaman - Salsarica (Black Widow)
10. Notion - In Your Soul (Progress)
11. Mijatoho - (Jerona Fruits)
12. Soloman X - Submerged (Raw)

Monday, April 23, 2012


I just deleted EP 17 from Soundcloud, which means there we've made TWELVE episodes so far this season! Pretty cool, huh? Also, it's the 30th episode, which is reason to celebrate in itself. Lots of nice dubby dubstep in this one, and some irie jungle. BRRRAP BRRRAP!


1. Trashbat - 420 Riddim (
2. Konshens & Delus - Call the Police (D4N's Dubstep Refix) (
3. Jesper Jones - Selecta (
4. FJH - Streets of Cuzzy (Substruk)
5. Balkansky - Jandub (Dubkraft)
6. Biome - Minus (Macabre Unit)
7. Graphic - Heroine (Offshore)
8. VRH - The Beast (Extent)
9. DJ Hose - Dubstafari (Killa)
10. RCola & Tippa Irie - Rebel On The Roots Corner (Jungle remix) (JungleXpeditions)
11. DSC - Herbalist (Death$ucker / Life4Land)
12. Catalone - Sensi (JungleXpeditions)

Sunday, April 22, 2012


It was a busy week at BRRRAP! HQ, so busy in fact that we forgot to do a blog post! Anyway, here's a fresshhh episode for ya, featuring a little bit of everything! Big thanks to the artists who send us awesome tunes, this is something YOU (pointing finger Uncle Sam style) can do aswell! Just put it in our dropbox.

Also, if you're interested in a super fresh t-shirt, let us know!


1. Konvex - Frostbite (Outerdub remix) (Dubstrict)
2. Duskdown - Light Up (Duskdown)
3. Data - Intrusion (Black Box)
4. Shox - Battlestar (Roska Kicks & Snares)
5. Itchy Robot & Phazeman - Straight Up Gangsta (dub)
6. High Rankin - Fuck You Virtual DJ (High Rankin)
7. Grit - I Won't Take Your Girl (dub)
8. Traxman - Itz Crack (Planet Mu)
9. Plain Dialogue - Cafe 43 (Flip Audio)
10. D Kay & Lee - Tuning (Metalheadz)
11. Need for Mirrors - Scuba (Integral)
12. Otako - Antigen (dub)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Get your BRRRAP! tshirt now!

Finally our AWESOME tshirts has arrived. This is some exclusive shit. Get your own for 150Kr or equivalent. Send an email to contact[NOSPAM] and we'll tell you more! And BIG UP to COLIN BRILL for making this killer design.